My Story

I currently am writing a wolf story on WolfQuest. It is called Eternally Entwined. The main character is Rayna, a new mother. She lives among the pack as the dominant female. It's strange pack since the only wolf from her bloodline is Mayia, her own mother. Please read the prologue if you are interested! I also may post other stories here, like short stories or random parts of stories or I may even do a fan fiction story. I will be posting the rest of the story later!

Prologue: A New Beginning

A wolf walked along a frozen river. The forest beside the river was alive with birds and all sorts of creatures, creating a song, filling the night sky. The wolf's paws stepped in beat with nature's eerie song. She paused for a moment, sniffing the air making sure no one had claimed her birth den. The young she-wolf sighed happily, not scenting another a wolf. Rayna tilted her head back, lifting her snout toward the full harvest moon. She unleashed a howl as beautiful as Rayna herself. The howl simply added to Mother Nature’s sweet song. The unborn pups squirmed inside of her . Another wolf, wiser than Rayna, padded over to her.
“Everything OK?” The old she-wolf asked Rayna.
Rayna looked over at Mayia with solemn eyes. “I'm as perfect as I'll ever be.”
Mayia sighed and sat down watching two small birds dance together in the air.
It was a great loss to us all Rayna, but we have to be thankful for what we have now.”
Rayna continued to watch her mother with sadness, knowing Mayia's hidden pain. “But, what do we have, Mother?”
Mayia turned her head towards Rayna, her eyes sad but determined. “A new beginning. A new life.”
Rayna flopped down and buried her face between her paws.
“What if I like my old life better?”
Mayia lifted her nose to the sky and howled. Like Rayna's its was beautiful, but Mayia had a added a twinge of sadness to hers."As many great ones before us have said, fate works in strange ways.”

A howl, new to Mayia's and Rayna's ears, disrupted them, echoing in the starry sky. Mayia's and Rayna's ears perked listening to the other howl. The hairs on Rayna's back stood up, her pups moved inside of her. Mayia just smiled. Rayna barked, kind of like a laugh, at Mayia.
“Maybe were not the only ones here. Mother, you were always insightful.” Mayia just chuckled.
“Something I sadly didn't pass onto you.”Rayna gently headbutted her mother, as they continued on their journey.